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AIR Stará Boleslav

Last modified: 12 Nov 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Czech Republic   

Locale: Stará Boleslav

Latitude: 50° 12' 20" N     Longitude: 14° 41' 25" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Stará Boleslav garrison

- 26 Air Command, Control & Surveillance Regiment is responsible for the 24/7 airspace surveillance over the country operating a brand new Selex RAT-31 DL system. The main radarsystem is operational. A secondary until with a combined setup of PRV-17 hightfinders and a RL-4AS AD & surveillance radar is still available and may be supported with mobile ST-68U CZ systems against low level targets. 26 ACCS Regt is fully integrated into the NATO air defence system and keeps control of the Czech airspace through its subordinated stations .

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Gertie, | 21. May 2016 02:55

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing. Your post is a useful cotnbirution.

Alexavia, | 21. May 2016 02:54

Geez, that's

Geez, that's unleviebable. Kudos and such.

Mateen, | 20. May 2016 13:16

Good job

Good job maknig it appear easy.

Eagle, | 20. May 2016 13:16

This is exactly what

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wrintig!

Reno, | 19. May 2016 08:37

That's a weollth-ugh

That's a weollth-ught-out answer to a challenging question

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