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2. AIR / Joint base Elmendorf / Richardson

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Country: United States    Region: Alaska

Latitude: 61° 15' 56" N     Longitude: -150° 9' 10" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Joint Base Elmendorf / Richardson (PAcific Air Forces) JBER As of 2010, Elmendorf Airbase (USAF) and Fort Richardson (USAr) merged to Joint Base Elmendorf / Richardson and were placed under USAF jurisdiction. JBER is also one of the 14 worldwide SCOPE strategic / tactical C2 system sites (check SCOPE Offutt for detailed info about this system).

USAF JBER based units:
∆ 11th Air Force Conducts/controls and coordinates air ops in accordance with the tasks assigned by the commander, Pacific Air Forces and is the force provider for Alaskan Command, the Alaskan North American

- 3rd Wing This is a composite wing which is assigned to Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) 11th Air Force. 3rd WIng consists of 4 groups each with specific functions operating F-22 Raptor C-12 and C-17 and E-3 aircraft.

- 611th Air Ops Center developes plans, procedures and directives for the employment of Alaskan combat and support forces assigned to the 11th Air Force, Pacific Air Forces and North American Aerospace Defence Command. They maintain air sovereignty and conduct air defense operations for the Alaska NORAD Region. Additionally, they direct rescue operations and provide tactical support for air and land forces.

- PACAF Regional Support Center, former 611th Air Support Group responsible for program management, operation and quality assurance of the Alaska Radar System, consisting of 17 long-range and 3 short-range radar sites; the forward operation locations at Galena Airport and King Salmon Airport and Eareckson Air Station; project management for future radar and communications systems and, logistics staff for 11th Air Force and the Alaska NORAD Region.

- Missile Defense Flight or Command Representative for Missile Defense. Focal point for all issues related to Ground-based Midcourse Defense in Alaska, in support of Alaska Command, Alaska NORAD Region, and 11 AF.
- 11th Air Force/Alaska NORAD Region (ANR) Logistics Flight. Providing a core group of logisticians to support AF and NORAD air ops throughout the theater, including manning the ANR Battlestaff and establishing logistics readiness centers when necessary

- NSA AN/FLR-9 facility at grid 6115'51"N 14951'1"W

- Alaskan Command
- 477th Fighter Group Air Force Reserve
ALSO SEE: 6.USAF Shemya Isl - Eareckson Air Station and Air National Guard Alaska

Army units:
- United States Army Alaska (USARAK)
- 25 Inf Div /4th ABCT

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