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GRND Betera (NATO)

Last modified: 17 Feb 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: Spain   

Locale: Valencia

Latitude: 39° 37' 5" N     Longitude: -1° 31' 36" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


39░37'0"N 0░28'19"W
Betera; Base Jaime I
- Hq NATO rapid deployable corps Spain (HQ NRDC-ESP) a 3 star general command.
provides NATO with a well-manned, rapidly deployable and flexible HQ and is able to operate throughout the entire spectrum of NATO missions (high to low intensity), -- Joint Task Force Headquarters for small Joint Operations Land Heavy -- Land Component Command of a joint task force -- -- NATO Response Force Land Component Command and -- Corps Headquarters. The NRDC-ESP may also be engaged in support of European Union (EU) Defence organizations, such as the EU Operation Headquarters (OHQ), or national or multinational requirements. Hq is composed of 3 elements: the Command Group, the Staff and its organic Command and Control Support (C2S) resources.

- MP Bn
- Hq Bn

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