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A. Lanvéoc-Poulmic Naval airbase

Last modified: 07 Mar 2022

Country: France    Region: Poulmic

Locale: Lanveoc

Latitude: 48° 16' 0" N     Longitude: -5° 34' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Naval aviation base Lanveoc - Poulmic is a combined naval airbase and training establishment with
Flottillas operating EC225 SECMAR; Caïman Marine NH 90 combat helicopters; on board frigates detachements flying WG-13 Lynx.
A Training center for helo ops from aircraft carriers and frigates operating Alouette III and a Naval aviator selection and qualifying unit; operating MS.880 Rallye and CAP10B.
Furthermore there is the Centre d'Entraînement à la Survie et au Sauvetage (CESSAN) the SAR training and sea survival center and the Groupement Entraînement et Instruction (GEI) Navigation training and simulator center; a Naval Infantry Security Company; a Naval Aviation fuel depot; a Medical unit and the Gendarmerie maritime (Naval police)

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