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3. ARMY / USAREUR / Germany / Miesau

Last modified: 29 Apr 2021

Country: United States    Region: Overseas

Locale: Germany

Latitude: 49° 23' 29" N     Longitude: 7° 25' 49" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Miesau currently:
- Miesau Ammunition Center Europe (ACE) which is part of the US Armed Forces Rheinland-Pfalz garrison
- Theater Logistics Support Center - Europe (TLSCE)
Executes theater sustainment and force protection support and maintains the theater sustainment base by providing logistical services to joint, combined, Army and multinational forces supporting U.S. Army Europe and theater combatant commands.

Built 1949 by after WW2 remaining stateless persons from Eastern Europe and opened 1951.
1954 The first conventional guided missiles are being stationed and maintained in Miesau.
1955 Fischbach Special Wepons depot assigned to Miesau.
1955/1956 Depot newly laid out with extensive supplementary and extension buildings
1958 Chemical weapons (mustard gas bombs) stored in Miesau.
1959 Weilerbach depot assigned to Miesau.
1960 Protective zones set up protecting the depot from dangers from outside and the surrounding villages from the depot.
1964 3 Atomic Blast REesistant STorage depots built
1966 4 further depots established in the Saarland, all assigned to Miesau.
1973 A 3 mile area around the depot declared as protection zone as a direct action on RAF terrorism.
1979 Miesau designated the largest ammo center in the world storing and maintaining almost all kinds of ammo.
1981 The first anti military demonstrators at the gate.
1990 In „Op Golden Python“, 102,000 chemical weapons are removed from Clausen for temporary storage in Miesau.
1990 A C5 Galaxy crashing shortly after take-off from Ramstein leads to discussions about the chemical weapons stored in Miesau.
1990 The ammo trains in „Op Golden Python“ start for Nordenham. From here, the gas will be shipped to destruction.
1992 The last bulk of 32 Lance nuc shortrange missiles are transported from Fischbach to Miesau to be scrapped.
1998 In the course of a stocktaking and re-arrangement action ammunition present in Miesau is rearranged in a better system.
1999 Large amounts of the ammo at Weilerbach are brought to Miesau.
2004 Depot renamed; Ammunition Center Europe operated by TLSCE.
2009 60th anniversary

USAr Miesau SW depot was a C-type nuclear storage Miesau 1965-1989
Supervised by 72nd Ordnance Battallion, 4th Ord Company (GS), 9th Ord Company (Sp Ammo Dep Spt)
Security by: 164th MP Company
After SW deactivation a logistics and conventional ammo strorage.

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