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GRND Wien (Vienna)

Last modified: 18 Jul 2020, submitted by: Joker

Country: Austria   

Locale: Vienna

Latitude: 48° 13' 6" N     Longitude: 16° 22' 2" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


- Federal Ministry of Defense & Sports (Armed Forces genaral staff ) at this location

Other units in garrison Wien (Vienna):
- Jagdkommando (Special Force) Maximillian kaserne at grid 47°49'20"N 16°13'56"E
- Garrison Cmd at grid 48°12'21"N 16°19'28"E
- Guard, ceremonial and general infantry unit at grid 48°10'20"N 16°18'19"E
Jägerbataillons Wien 1 and 2
- Kommando Militärstreife und Militärpolizei (MP patrol & security Cmd) at the Theresien kaserne with dispersed units at Graz, Salzburg and Vienna
- Entminungsdienst (EOD)
- Operational Suppt Cmd located at grid 48°10'25"N 16°19'15"E
- Logistic Center Vienna at grid 48°11'2"N 16°23'40"E

Militärkommando Wien.Theresienkaserne
- Wiener Garde (Honourary Guard)
- Jäger (Infantry) bataillon Wien 1 Homeguard "Miliz"with Staff and 4 Companies
- Jäger (Infantry) bataillon Wien 2 Homeguard "Miliz"with Staff and 4 Companies

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