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USAFE C2 Hessisch Oldendorf

Last modified: 21 Jun 2020, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: HS

Locale: Hessisch Oldendorf

Latitude: 52° 10' 27" N     Longitude: 9° 14' 57" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former Dutch Hawk Grp / BOC HQ Hessisch Oldendorf.
Consisted of 4 dislocated squadrons and ops from 1964 - 1975.
- BOC: 1965 Kaserne Hessisch-Oldendorf; 1975 closed
Photos NL

Site taken over by USAFE and renamed Hessisch Oldendorf Air Station (1976-1988)
In 1976 600th Tactical Control Grp (600th TCG) and 600th Combat Support Sq (600th CSS) activated at Hessisch-Oldendorf providing control and support for 2 ATAF radar units. In 1977 606th TCS, 626th TCF and 636th TCF were activated at Carl Schurz Kaserne Bremerhaven in 2 ATAF. This marked completion of mobile radar expansion into Northern Germany. Control of these units, like the other three in 2 ATAF, was charged to the 600th TCG. In April 1976 609th TCS and 619th TCF were activated at Bad Muender and Schwelentrup respectively. In May 1976, 629th TCF was also activated at Schwelentrup, all equipped with AN/TPS43 radars and AN/TRC-97 wideband radio's. These units phased out and were absorbed in the later activated 66th Elec Combat Wing.

Maingate basecamp
Winter ops AN/TPS-43
Snowy white
Nerve gas
Feeding time!

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Samuel Rosenfeld, | 15. May 2017 05:21


Yes, nice info, actually was TS, need to know, 6 telephone lines.

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