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GRND Kungsangen

Last modified: 21 Mar 2020, submitted by: Joker

Country: Sweden    Region: Upplands Bro municipality

Latitude: 59° 30' 50" N     Longitude: 17° 46' 9" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Kungsangen; homebase of the Livgardet (Life Guards) a combined regiment.
The Life Guards are frequently used for ceremonial duties like the Royal Guard at the Stockholm Palace, opening of the Parliament and as a honour guard in the occasion of royal audiences and visits

The infantry battalion (Guards) trains ordinary infantry in mechanized and rifle roles and is composed of 3 light mechanized companies trained for urban combat with the defense of Stockholm as its wartime duty.

The cavalry battalion (Dragoons) trains MP, counter-sabotage units, depot soldiers and guards. The Dragoons 4th Squadron is the only mounted cavalry unit in the Swedish army.

- Home Guard Attundalandsbataljonen
- Home Guard Stockholmsbataljonen
- Försvarsinspektören (FIHM)
- Human Resources Center (FMHRC)
- Logistic Center (FMLOG)

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