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00. AIR/USAFE/ Germany / Büchel airbase ☢

Last modified: 06 Jun 2022, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: Overseas

Locale: Germany Büchel

Latitude: 50° 10' 49" N     Longitude: 7° 3' 33" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Büchel airbase is hosting a small USAF Geographically Separated Unit (GSU)
- German NATO Panavia Tornado strike wing
- USAF 702 Munitions Suppt Sq (MUNSS) is under 52d Munition Maintenance Group (Spangdahlem) and responsible for storage, security and maintenance of a max of 44 B61 nuc weapons. In March 2022 a batch of the latest version of these weapons (vs.12) has been delivered. Type 12 is still a "switch a yield" weapon but with an upgraded tail kit, improving its accuracy and giving it the capacity of gliding towards its target instead of using a dragchute. (© Federation of American Scientists Strategic Security Blog, 28 February 2020)

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