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1.Army-Bulford garrison

Last modified: 12 Jun 2020, submitted by: Joker

Country: United Kingdom    Region: Wiltshire

Locale: Bulford

Latitude: 51° 12' 7" N     Longitude: -2° 11' 12" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


5111'35"N 144'1"W Bulford Camp has been reroled under the Army 2020 plan and is now home to:
- Hq 3(UK) Division (Reaction Force) This is a 2 star general command directly under Commander Field Army. 3 UK Div is the only division at continual operational readiness in the UK and is consisting of Strike Brigade (Tidworth), Strike Experimentation Group (Warminster), 12 Armoured Infantry Brigade (Bulford), 20 Armoured Inf Bde (Bulford), 101 Logistic Bde (Aldershot)
These are all 1 star general commands under Commander 3(UK) Division

Bulford based units:
- Hq 3 (UK) Division A 2 star genaral command supervising above mentioned units
-- 3 (UK) Div Signal Regiment

- Hq 12 Armoured Inf Bde A 1 star general command under 3UK Div)
-- 1 Mercian Regiment (regular) Light role infantry
Dislocated: Royal Tank Regiment and 1 Royal Welsh (both at Tidworth); 4 Mercian Regt (reserve) at Wolverhampton and 3 Royal Welsh (reserve) at Cardiff

- Hq 20 Armoured Inf Bde (a 1 star general command under 3UK Div)
-- 5 The Rifles
Dislocated: Queens Royal Hussars and 1 Royal Regt of Fusileers (both at Tidworth); 5 Royal Regt of Fusileers (reserve) at Newcastle and 7 The Rifles (reserve) at Reading

- 25 Close Support Engineers Group (under 8 Engineers Bde)
Dislocated: 22 and 26 Engineer Regiments (both Perham Down)

- Household Cavalry Regiment (under Strike Bde)
- 4 Military Intel Battalion (under 1 Intel & Surveillance Bde)
- 3 Signal Regiment (under 11 Signal Bde)
- 3 Regt Royal Military Police (under 1 MP Bde)
- Special Investigation Branch RMP (under 1 MP Bde)

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