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Country: United Kingdom    Region: Wales

Locale: Brecon

Latitude: 51° 56' 30" N     Longitude: -4° 38' 4" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Brecon, Wales 51°56'30"N 3°21'47"W
- HQ 160 Infantry Brigade (under 1st UK Div cmd) is one of the Army’s Adaptable Force Brigades. They provide headquarters and units for lengthy operations, standing commitments and overseas engagements .
Hq 160 Inf Bde is responsible for
14 Signal Regiment (Electronic Warfare); The Royal Monmouthshire RE (Militia); 3rd Battalion The Royal Welsh
157 (Welsh) Regiment RLC; Wales UOTC; 203 Field Hospital; Infantry Battle School; 101 Battalion REME
104 Regiment Royal Artillery; 1st and 6th Battalions The Rifles
1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment and 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment

- HQ Wales responsible for providing base support for all Wales army unts, Regular, Reserve, Army Cadet Force and University Officer Training Corps.

- Infantry Battle School (IBS) delivers commanders for the Field Army by running command and leadership, infantry tactics and, weapons training and live firing range qualifications. It also provides specialist training teams to assist foreign forces
All Arms Live Firing Tactical Training Course ; All Arms NCO Skill At Arms Instructor Course
Basic Tactics Course ; Dismounted Close Combat Trainer ; Infantry Warrant Officers’ Course
Platoon Commanders’ Battle Course ; Platoon Sergeants’ Battle Course ; Platoon Tactics Course
SAS Infantry Skills Course ; Section Commanders’ Battle Course

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