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Army-North Luffenham garrison

Last modified: 21 Jul 2017, submitted by: Joker

Country: United Kingdom    Region: Rutland

Locale: North Luffenham

Latitude: 52° 38' 5" N     Longitude: -1° 22' 31" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


The former RAF North Luffenhams admin area was taken over by the army and renamed St Georges Barracks. It is home to
- 16 Regiment Royal Artillery equipped with the Rapier Msl system. 16 RA units are often temporarily deployed on the Falklands.

- 1st Military Working Dog Regiment, Royal Army Veterinary Corps is a British Army K-9 unit
Responsible for providing trained dogs and handlers to support the main brigade of British troops deployed to Afghanistan or elsewhere. The regiment was formed in 2010 and headquartered at Sennelager, Germany but will be relocated to St. Georgeís Barracks, North Luffenham.
The regiment commands the Army's military working dog support units. Until the regimental headquarters had been established these were independent. As part of forming the regiment, an additional 162 military were assigned to the RAVC. As of 2015 the regiment comprised 299 regular soldiers and up to 384 working dogs. At this time 350 reservists were also being integrated into the regiment.

- 2 Medical Regiment (relocated BFG) now based at North Luffenham and part of the 1st (UK) Divisionís Adaptable Force Medical Group; focussing on patient centred excellence in pre-hospital environment. As of 2014 the regiment became a hybrid Medical Regiment consisting of regular and reserve personnel under 102 Log Bde command.

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