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AIR Tikkakoski

Last modified: 13 Mar 2019

Country: Finland   

Latitude: 62° 23' 59" N     Longitude: 25° 40' 59" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Tikkakoski air station is military part of Jyväskylä airport and hosting:
- Air Force Chief of Staff
-- Admin, Personnel, Ops, Plans, Logistics and C4IS Divisions; Flight Safety, Public Affairs, and Legal Sections

- Air Force COMmand FINland. The Air HQ. responsible for providing the Air Force units with sufficient resources and clearly defined objectives for their ops.
-- Air Operations Center

- Air Force Academy. The only unit with a primary training role. The scope of the training is wide and comprises nearly all functions in the Air Force.
-- 41 Sq operating M51 Hawk
-- LSO flight with L70 Vinka

- Training Center with G115 Grob
-- Air Force Reserve Officer School
-- Air Force NCO School
-- Signal Technology Company
-- Air Traffic Engineer Company

- Finnish Military Intel Service or Finnish Intelligence Research Establishment (FIRE), which is part of the air force

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