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Camp Hadrian - Deh Rawod

Last modified: 13 Nov 2011, submitted by: Joker

Country: Afghanistan    Region: Oruzgan

Locale: Deh Rawood

Latitude: 32° 37' 51" N     Longitude: 65° 29' 30" E

Area use / Military Branches: ISAF (NL Army FOB)


Camp Hadrian (named after the Roman emperor Hadrianus) is an ISAF Forward Operating Base in the province of Oruzgan.
Camp Hadrians fixed detachment consists of appx 300 Dutch military; 4 armored infantry platoons together with support units equipped with Patria, Bushmaster, Fennek and YPR APV's and Mercedes Benz softtops. Firesupport coverage by a 155mm motorized howitzer and 81mm mortars.

Off ISAF website:

A quick on tour on Camp Hadrian compound:

Video motorized howitzer support:

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