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A. Lorient naval SF

Last modified: 02 Mar 2022, submitted by: Joker

Country: France    Region: Bretagne

Locale: Lorient

Latitude: 47° 44' 49" N     Longitude: -4° 39' 37" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Lorient based:
- AdmiraL commandant des FUSiliers marins et COmmandos / ALFUSCO (Central Command Naval Infantry and Commandos)
- FORce maritime des FUSiliers marins et COmmandos / FORFUSCO (Operational naval inf and commando units)
- Ecole des Fusilliers Marins (naval infantry school); the main instruction unit for basic naval infantry training; naval infantry officers training; specialized courses; technical and commando training

Diversity of naval and aviation ops urges the need of specialized security personnel for security, force protection, deployments in case of naval visits abroad and specops. This justifies the maritime FORFUSCO based at Lorient and consisting of appx 2500 military. FORFUSCO comprises 2 operation divisions:

- Fusilliers Marins (naval infantry) are deployed in Groups and Companies and have as mission:
protection of strategic naval sites; force protection reinforcement on board of naval vessels; protection of vessels and certain sensible buildings or sites.

There is always a naval infantry group standby for deployment in the ports Brest and Toulon and there are standby Intervention and Assault groups ready for deployment all over France at short notice.
There are 7 FUSCO companies; for Cherbourg; Ille Longue; France Sud; Rosnay, Sainte Assise and for the naval aviation base Lann Bihoué.
The one for former naval aviation base Nimes-Garons (dissolved) is now reserve.

Commandos Marine (navy commandos) are deployed in 6 groups to be deployed for a variety of maritime actions. These are based at Lorient:
- Cdo de Montfort
- Cdo de Penfentenyo Both are specialized in observation and offensive destruction

- Cdo Jaubert .
- Cdo Trepel Both are specialized in counter terrorism, hostage rescue and anti piracy ops.

- Cdo Kieffer Specialzed in assault with working dogs, electronic warfare, drones and CBRN
- Cdo Ponchardier Specialized in all nautical and terrestrial assault equipment, weapons and simulations.

- Cdo Hubert is based at St Mandrier and specialized in underwater ops (see BN St Mandrier)

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