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AT Nīmes - Garons

Last modified: 01 Mar 2016

Country: France    Region: Nimes

Locale: Garons

Latitude: 43° 45' 39" N     Longitude: 4° 24' 29" E

Area use / Military Branches: 503e RT


Former naval aviation base Nīmes Garons joint mil/civ airfield dissolved 2011. The airfield consisted of BAN Nimes Garons (west of runway) and Nimes Garons Aeroport Regional; LFTW (right of rwy)
Former units:
- Flottille 21 operating Breguet Atlantic II. Tasking: ASW/ASF, SAR; external anti drugs detachments
- Flottille 28.operating EMB-121AN Xingu I/II. Tasking: Surveillance acrsoss the Mediterranean Sea.
- EPV (École du Personnel Volant); training for multi engine rating pilots; cabin crew; controllers/operators.
- CAI ALAVIA (Centre d'Analyse et d'Instruction de l'Aéronautique Navale); operational maritime patrol aircraft crew training;
- Compagnie de fusiliers marins; base protection force.
Breguet Atlantic

Current status: taken over by French army and hosting 503° régiment du Train under BL command.

Organization 503 RT:
- 1 Cmd & Log unit
- 1 Traffic guidance unit
- 1 Tranport unit
- 1 Materiel unit
- 1 Armored transport unit
- 1 Reserve transport unit

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