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NAV HMAS Stirling

Last modified: 30 Jun 2020, submitted by: Joker

Country: Australia    Region: WA

Locale: Perth

Latitude: 32° 13' 27" S     Longitude: 115° 41' 27" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Navy HMAS Stirling (Perth) 32°13'32"S 115°41'30"E
A.k.a. Fleet Base West
Submarine Escape Training Facility
Some 12 Fleet units including RAN’s Anzac Class frigates and Collins Class submarines are stationed here, along with some 70 units including the Submarine Training and Systems Centre (STSC), AUSCDT Four and the Defence Communications Station (DEFCOMMSTA) Perth.

The long two level pier and the redeveloped small ships harbour have vastly increased the wharf and berthing space available to surface ships and submarines at Stirling.

Other major additions have been the helicopter support facility located on the southern end of Garden Island, extensions to the Submarine Training and Systems Centre, the Training Centre - West complex and a trials, research and support facility.

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