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2. AIR / AFMC / Robins airbase

Last modified: 11 Apr 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: United States    Region: Georgia

Locale: Warner Robins

Latitude: 32° 38' 17" N     Longitude: -84° 25' 22" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Robins airbase; Georgia Activatedin WW2 1943. Later units SAC B52 4137th Strategic Wing 1959-1963; reroled 465th Bombardment Wing 1964-1968, SAC B52 19th Bomb Wing 1969-1984. On base also located a 1995 closed EW radar unit with a longrange AN/FPS115 radar at grid 32°34'56"N 83°34'5"W

Currently home to
- 78th Airbase Wing (host) with
-- 78 Mission Support; Medical; Civ Engineer Grps and 78 Comms Directorate

- Hq Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) manages the service’s 75,000 Air Force Reserve personnel

- ANG / 116 Air Control Wing providing crews for the E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS); an airborne battle management, command and control, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platform.

- 461 Air Control Wing operating 17 JSTARS aircraft which are deployable worldwide with
-- 461 Ops and Mantenance Grps

- 5th Combat Communications Group provides rapidly worldwide deployable communications capabilities

- .638th Supply Chain Management Group provides life cycle sustainment support for aircraft structural, communications, armament and electronic commodities.

- Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex the worldwide manager for a wide range of aircraft, engines, missiles, software and avionics and accessories components..

- Air Force Life Cycle Management Center; responsible for the total life cycle management of USAF weapon systems.

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