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AIR Karup

Last modified: 05 Mar 2019

Country: Denmark   

Latitude: 56° 16' 59" N     Longitude: 9° 7' 0" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Karup airbase hosting

Defence Command Denmark
- HQ Chief of Naval Staff
- HQ Tactical Air Command Denmark
- HQ Army Staff

Air Force
- Air Force Command
- Expeditionary Air Staff Unit (C2 at operational level)
- Helicopter Wing Karup
-- 722 Sq operating EH-101 Merlin (SAR / Tactical Transport)
-- 723 Sq operating MH-60R Seahawk.(naval helicopters)
-- 724 Sq operating AS-550 C2 Fennec (light observation)
- Combat Support Wing (Combat Comms, Force Protection, Military working dogs, Medical suppt, Aerial port service)
- Air Control Wing
-- Contr & Reporting Center Karup reporting directly to CAOC Uedem (GE) operating 2x TPS tactical transportable radars, 1x Selex RAT-31 DL stationary long-range 3D surveillance radar; 1x Marconi S-723 stationary long-range 3D air surveillance radar and 6x RAC-3D intermediate-range tactical 3Dsurveillance radars
- Air Force Training Center
- Flying School operating T-17 Supporter

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