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CFB Montreal

Last modified: 28 Feb 2018, submitted by: Joker

Country: Canada    Region: Quebec

Latitude: 45° 34' 35" N     Longitude: -74° 28' 10" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


45°34'35.N 73°31'49."W CFB Montreal Longue Pointe (Army)
- Hq 2nd Cdn Div
2 Cdn Div is one of six major Army formations. It includes all the Regular and Reserve units working within the Province of Quebec. Its role is to provide versatile, combat­ ready land forces. 2 Cdn Div troops may be employed by the other commands for special, domestic and expeditionary ops..

2 Cdn Div comprises:
- 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (5 CMBG) at CFB Valcartier;
- 34 and 35 (Reserve) Canadian Brigade Groups (CFB Montreal);
- 2nd Canadian Division Support Group (dispersed over the Quebec region);
- 2nd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (2 CRPG) at Richelain

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