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USAF Dye-3 DEW site

Last modified: 04 Oct 2018, submitted by: Joker

Country: Denmark    Region: Greenland

Latitude: 65° 10' 57" N     Longitude: -44° 10' 50" E

Area use / Military Branches: Deactivated


Former USAF Dye-3 (Icecap2) DEW radarsite. Ops in 1961 and stayed ops until it went in caretaker status in 1990. Site used radio callsigns: Panfish and Sobstory.
Primary Search Radar for all 4 DEW Line sites in Greenland was the Bendix AN/FPS-30; this long-range searchradar was originally called "Sentinel" radar. Once planned as a replacement for all aging AN/FPS-19 DEW-Line radars, the AN/FPS-30 was installed in 1961 only at the 4 Greenland "DYE" radarstations. It operated at 570 to 630 MHz with a peak power of 150 kW and an average power of 3 kW.
The AN/FPS-30 radar's pulse-repetition frequency (PRF) was 500 pulses/sec and the antenna aperture was 45 ft. x 25 ft.
The transmitter output tube was a Klyston with 62-dB gain.

In 2005
inside radome

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