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USAF Dye-2 DEW site

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Country: Denmark    Region: Greenland

Latitude: 66° 29' 30" N     Longitude: -47° 41' 40" E

Area use / Military Branches: Deactivated


Dye-2 Distant Early Warning line radar a.k.a. Icecap 1; closed 1989.
Primary longrange searchradar for the 4 DEWLine sites in Greenland was the AN/FPS-30 made by Bendix, known as "Sentinel" radar.
Planned as replacement for all AN/FPS-19 DEW-Line radars, the AN/FPS-30 was installed in 1961 only at the 4 Greenland "DYE" radar stations.
It operated in 570 - 630 MHz range with a peak power of 150 kW and average power of 3 kW.
The AN/FPS-30 radar's pulse-repetition frequency was 500 pulses/sec. and the antenna aperture was 45 ft. x 25 ft.
Transmitter output tube was a Klyston with 62-dB gain (the Klystron poweramp was later adapted for the Raytheon-built AN/FPS-28 frequency-diversity air-defense search radar).

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rick burke, | 27. December 2011 04:58

Radician dye-2 80-82

I've also been trying to locate people from
dew east that we worked with. Do you happen to
remember many of the names of the guys that were
there during your stay. I could use a memory jog.It's
been a while since I've given those days much thought, let alone try to remember specifics like names. Good to hear from you

Dan Ahern, | 21. October 2010 03:54

former DEWliner

Hi, I lived and worked at Dye 2 between 1979 and 1981. I am looking for friends that I worked and lived with. Any help would be appreciated.

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