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CFB North Bay

Last modified: 20 Mar 2020, submitted by: Joker

Country: Canada    Region: Ontario

Locale: North Bay

Latitude: 46° 21' 29" N     Longitude: -80° 34' 46" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Canadian Forces Base North Bay.
Former RCAF fighterbase (1952-1967) with various squadrons operating Canadair Sabre CT-33 Silverstar CF-100 Canuck and CF-101 Voodo

After ceasing fighter ops converted into a ground unit base hosting
- Air Control & Warning units and missile unit (See: BOMARC North Bay).
- NORAD. From 1959-1963 construction of an underground North American Airspace Defense Cmd complex (See: North Bay UnderGround Complex). Operational from 1963-2006, then closed and relocated.

Current status:
- 22 Wing North Bay, a.k.a. North Warning System Main (NWS) or Canadian Air Defence Sector (CADS),
NWS is now being operated from the David L. Pitcher Building
NWS is not ony responsible for providing surveillance, identification, control and warning for the aerospace defence of Canada and North America at the Sector Air Operations Centre. It is also - as of 2014- responsible for space surveillance ops by means of data analysis of the Canandian Sapphire satellite.
- 51 Aerospace Control & Warning Operational Trng Sq provides relevant and complete training to 22 Wing personnel

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