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SEA Turku

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Country: Finland   

Latitude: 60° 26' 31" N     Longitude: 22° 12' 44" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


The Finnish navy consists of the Naval Cmd; Coastal Fleet; Coastal Brigade; Nyland Brigade and the Naval Academy

Turku region is hosting several Finnish navy bases.
- HQ Naval Command based at Pihlajaniemi at grid 60°25'32"N 22°14'5"E

consisting of
-- Staff, admin & cmd; Ops, Log and P&O branch
- Archipelago Sea Naval Command at grid 60°26'34"N 22° 8'36"E consisting of
-- 6th Missile Sqn, 4th Mine Warfare Sqn, Turku Coastal Batn and Navy Band

The Finnish Navy consists of
- Fast Attack Craft (4x Hamina Class and 4x Rauma Class)
- Mine layers (2x Hämeenmaa Class, 3x Pansio Class,3x Katanpää Class)
- Mine Sweepers (3x Kuha Class and 6x Kiki Class)

In the case of war or som kind of conflict, 8 offshore patrol vessels, 7 hovercraft and 81 coastal patrol boats from the Finnish Border Guard will be armed and transferred to the Navy.

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