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Hawkins Hill radar

Last modified: 03 Feb 2010, submitted by: Joker

Country: New Zealand    Region: Wellington

Locale: Hawkins Hill

Latitude: 41° 19' 45" S     Longitude: 174° 43' 33" E

Area use / Military Branches: Radarsite

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Trevor, | 14. March 2014 07:37

Old Hawkins Hill Radar Site

Trying to find Lat/Lon coordinates for old radar antenna rotating metal structure that was built before the current radome on Hawkins Hill Wellington.
Have searched for hours and only found 2 photos of concrete footings with no location.
Started off as a curiosity when I was 16 & climbed up there from my uncle's house in cabot place Kingston. There was only bush there in 1966 which made it hard going.
Now I can't find any mention of it or it's construction

Any assistance appreciated
Thanks T Harris

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