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SEA Sidoarjo

Last modified: 22 Sep 2018, submitted by: Joker

Country: Indonesia    Region: Java

Locale: Sidoarjo

Latitude: 7° 23' 52" S     Longitude: 112° 43' 37" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


723'52"S 11243'38"E Marine Force I (PASMAR I) covering central Indonesia.
The Indonesian Marine Corps consists of
- 3 divisions which are "Pasmar 1" (Marine Force I), "Pasmar 2" (Marine Force II), "Pasmar 3" (Marine Force III),
- 1 brigade and a SpecOps unit (Taifib).
Each Marine division oversees the Marine Infantry Brigade, the Marine Combat Support Regiment, the Marine Artillery Regiment and the Marine Cavalry Regiment.
The 3rd Marine Infantry Brigade covers 4 Marine Infantry Battalions plus other support units.
The Marine Corps also maintain a special operations unit which are the Marine's Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion (Taifib) and also the joint Navy-Marine's counter-terrorism unit "Jala Mengkara Detachment" (Denjaka).

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