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TDM Iskandar Camp

Last modified: 26 Aug 2015, submitted by: Joker

Country: Malaysia    Region: Johor

Locale: Mersing

Latitude: 2° 20' 21" N     Longitude: 103° 55' 1" E

Area use / Military Branches: Army Special Forces


Hq 21 Grup Gerak Khas (21 Group Special Forces) is located at Iskandar Camp, the new Special Operations Force base in Mersing. Situated 15 km south of Mersing, Iskandar Camp covers an area of 2,000 acres and is the operational home of various specialists and the Commando battalions, capable of conducting unconventional warfare (specops). One of the known foreign ops involving this regiment was in an attack by Somali militia on a convoy transporting UN Intelligence Chief in UNOSOM II in July 1994 in which the unit suffered several casualties.
- 10 Paratrooper Bde is an elite airborne unit tasked with being rapidly deployed worldwide. 10th Para is the key element of the Malaysian Rapid Deployment Force (Pasukan Aturgerak Cepat; PAC) and is Malaysias primary main offensive force in time of war or emergencies.
- 11th RGK dispersed: Malacca
- 21st CDO dispersed: Malacca, Johor
- 22nd CDO based Mersing, Johor


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