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King Abdullah I - Marka Intl Airport (OJAM)

Last modified: 22 Jul 2012, submitted by: Joker

Country: Jordan    Region: Amman

Locale: Marka

Latitude: 31° 58' 11" N     Longitude: 35° 58' 38" E

Area use / Military Branches: Joint Mil / Civ airfield


King Abdullah I airbase (KAAB); former RAF Amman.
- Airlift Wing consisting of RJAF 3, 7, 8 and 14 Sq (C-130)
- Royal Squadron.
- Prince Feisal Technical College
- Police Helicopter Wing
- Gliding Club
A joint military/civilian airfield with 2 air academies and the Jordan Aeronautics Systems (JAC), which maintains the C130's and Jordan International Air Cargo (JIAC), share the facilities.

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