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5.☢ RVSN Vypolzovo

Last modified: 08 Jan 2021, submitted by: Joker

Country: Russia    Region: .

Locale: Vypolzovo

Latitude: 57° 51' 56" N     Longitude: 33° 39' 6" E

Area use / Military Branches: ACTIVE


Vypolzovo - 7 Guards Missile Division (GMD). under command of 27 Guards Missile Army
Garrison nuc warhead storage for 18 ICBM's
Unit is operating Topol (NATO: SS-25 Sickle) ICBM's.
The mobile Topol (SS-25) missile system was deployed from 1985-1992.
The missile has 3 solid-propellant stages and carries 1 single warhead.
The currently still deployed missiles are at the end of their operational lives and are being withdrawn from service being replaced by new types.

Unit build-up:
510 missile regiment at 5747'20"N 3351'57"E
41 missile regiment at 5751'43"N 3339'0.E
Both regiments 9 missiles each

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