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USAr Trier

Last modified: 14 Mar 2020, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: Trier

Locale: Mattheiserwald

Latitude: 49° 42' 23" N     Longitude: 6° 38' 18" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former NATO J-type nuc storage Trier for French 2nd Corps 1st Armored Div; 68th Artillery Regt.(Honest John) 1962-1968. Security: 6th US Missile Det. Barracks: Bldg #2, Quartier Belvédère.

In 1965 stationed at Trier (Landau) and renamed 68ème Régiment d'Artillerie Lourde Divisionnaire (68th Divisional Heavy Arty Regt) composed of 12 batteries and 2 nuclear Honest John batteries. (12 btry was for instruction). In 1970 reassigned to France (Phalsbourg).

The French had 5 operational HJ groups; 3 at Corps level and 2 at Division level.
Corps level:
- 301°Grp Arty activated 1959 at Rastatt and relocated 1960 to Villingen. Transformed to 50° Arty Regt and dissolved 1976
- 302°GA established 1959 at Rastatt. Transformed to 60° RA and relocated to Friedrichshafen 1970, dissolved 1975.
- 303°Groupe d'Artillerie de Marine established 1960 at Saarburg, relocated to Saarlouis 1960 and to Caen-Carpiquet 1968, became 3° RA 1970 and ended HJ ops 1973

Div level:
- 3/32HJ (32°RALD)$T2eC16F,!zkFJDJpEl6eBSW7HUU)WQ~~60_35.JPG estabished 1962 at Donaueschingen and in 1966 over to Stetten; dissolved 1974.
- 3/68HJ (68°RALD) established at Trier 1960 and dissolved 1973

Perimeter security was provided by:
- 351°GA stablished 1962 at Landau; relocated to Horb 1970 and reassigned 351°RA; dissolved 1975.

Tech Maintenance was provided by:.
- 1° Compagnie Légère de Réparation du Matériel (Trier)
- 501° Compagnie Renforcée de Réparation du Matériel (Trier) and
- 401°CRRM at Offenburg all until 1973.

Organisation of the 5 French HJ groups:
2 ops batteries and 1 command/suppt btry
The ops batteries comprised:
2 launcher sections (crew 1 officer; 1 WO; 3 enlisted per section)
1 technical section
1 topographical section
1 comms section

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Carlynda, | 20. May 2016 13:18

Stands back from the

Stands back from the keyboard in amtanmeez! Thanks!

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That's not just the best anrwse. It's the bestest answer!

GILETTA, | 22. April 2016 11:15

Admunition depot of Mattheiserwald

I am looking for photographies of this old Otan dépôt and us troops of the 6th MSL détachment in Trier. Greetings

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