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USAr Kriegsfeld

Last modified: 14 Apr 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: RP

Locale: East of Gerbach

Latitude: 49° 40' 19" N     Longitude: 7° 54' 24" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former nazi ammo storage Kriegsfeld. Taken over and used by US forces as a conventional storage in the 1950s

As the Cold War escalated and US and NATO policy demanded depoyment of tactical nuclear weapons in Germany the site was rebuilt in 1959 as a C-type site to accommodate nuclear storage. It got 1 maintenance and 8 large bunkers, lighting, a double fence with 11 wooden guard towers and became ops as of 1960, officially as NATO site #107 but a.k.a. Northpoint. Initially used only as a storagepoint for nuclear artillery shells, Then also for Atomic Demolition Munitions and warheads for Corporal, Sergeant, Honest John, Lacrosse, Davy Crockett, Nike Hercules, Pershing and Lance weapon systems, Later on it became a facility that serviced and distributed “special weapons” to US armed forces and to other NATO forces as well.

In the 1950s guards were supplied by personnel assigned to the on-site ordnance companies. Then ordnance commanders began complaining that “security” functions drained an already existing shortage of trained ordnance technicians. Thus in 1959, security ops at Kriegsfeld was reassigned to a 7th Army infantry company eventually becoming 558th MP Company.

In the early 1970’s terrorist activity in Europe increased so security was extended. The site weapons section was rebuilt again (1976-1980) with a hardened Security Control Center (SCC) iwithin the “inner perimeter”. This building had a large concrete tower (tower 1) into the structure. New fence lines and new steel towers, reduced from 11 to 7, were put into service. All towers had bulletproof glass and were relocated between a new double fence. A road was built between the fences allowing mobile patrols direct access to the perimeter. In addition, new communications devices, sensor alarms and operable searchlights were all part of the equipment installed.

In 1991 all nuc weapons have been removed from the site in operation "silent echo" after which the security unit deactivated and reassigned to the US. The site closed 1992 as 59th Ordnance deactivated and turned over to the German army.

Site supervision: AWSCOM 59th Ordnance Bde - 619 Ord. Company. Security: 131st MP Security Det, 558 MP Company.

Former units:
- 15th Ordnance Battalion Hq
- 23rd Ord Company (trsp)
- 59th Ord Brigade
- 102nd Signal Battallion E Company
- 135th Ord Company
- 184th Ammo Company
- 554th Military Police Company
- 558th MP Company
- 619th Ord Company
- 636th Ord Detachment (ammo)
- 763rd Medical Det

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