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USAr Kitzingen

Last modified: 14 Apr 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: Bav

Locale: Kitzingen

Latitude: 49° 44' 27" N     Longitude: 10° 12' 25" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former US Army garrison Kitzingen (closed in 2007) comprised:
- Kitzingen Army AirField at 4944'40"N 1012'25"E (this location) has been used by several Air Cav units with these general purpose and strike helicopters Bell Jetranger
Boeing MD-500 Defender
Bell AH-1 Cobra
- Larson Bcks at 4943'49"N 10 8'34"E Both used by 3rd (later 1st) Infantry Div.
- Harvey Bcks at 4944'40"N 1011'31"E
- Army Clinic at 4944'37"N 10 8'24"E was for personal and family service

- NATO Spec Ammo Storage #35 at 4944'23"N 1012'23"E was a C-type SAS for 2nd US Field Arty Bde. Wartime users: 80 Field Artillery Brigade, 1st Battalion. Lance warheads storage (22x). Site supervision:72 Ordnance Battalion, Site security: VII Corps 981st MP Company
- Conventional basic load ammo storage at 4945'53"N 1012'31"E
- Tactical Air Defense Facility at 4943'46"N 10 7'51"E operated by US 3d Inf Div, 3d Batn/67th ADA operating Chaparral/Vulcan systems, later converted into a Patriot missile site
- Training Areas at 4945'10"N 1012'24"E

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