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USAr Donnersberg

Last modified: 27 Oct 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: RP

Locale: Donnersberg

Latitude: 49° 37' 27" N     Longitude: 7° 55' 6" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former USAREUR Army troposcatter comms site Donnersberg (callsign DOG) was manned up by US Army 68th Sig Batn, 22nd Sig Grp. The station was part of the European Army Troposcatter chain for secure communications throughout Europe. Donnersberg was a major cross-connection point in both ETA and LOC systems. Standard equipment was the ITT AN/FRC-66 microwave/troposcatter radioset with General Electric's TCS-600 multiplex equipment and associated patch panels operating from commo shelters on concrete pads at the foot of the tower.
Current use: German comms relay

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