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USAr Feucht

Last modified: 31 Dec 2016, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: Bav.

Latitude: 49° 22' 41" N     Longitude: 11° 9' 51" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former NATO C-type SAS #23 Site demolished. Operational (nuc) storage for US 7th Corps - 210th FA Grp (non divisional artillery).
Its units were 2nd Bn 377th Field Arty (Honest John 1970-1975) and 3rd Bn 37th FA (selfpropelled 8” 1970-1976) then stationed at Herzogenrauch and Zirndorf. As of 1974 the Lance system replaced HJ.
In 1987 2-377th reassigned 2nd Bn, 12th Field Arty until 1991.
The 50 remaining Lance warheads were airlifted by helicopters in operation ‘Silent Echo’ (july 1990).
Security: 595th MP Coy

Conventional class III storage at 49°22'55"N 11° 9'22"E
Class V dock at 49°22'55"N 11°10'52"E
Feucht Army AirField - now an Industrial park - at 49°23'12"N 11°10'28"E

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