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USAr Berlin (W)

Last modified: 27 Feb 2017, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: BBG

Locale: Berlin

Latitude: 52° 27' 5" N     Longitude: 13° 16' 24" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


5227'5"N 1316'25"E Clay Barracks HQ US Army Berlin (USAB)
USAB was a command of the US Army created in December 1961 at the height of the Berlin Wall Crisis. It was created as a separate command from US Army Europe (USAREUR) which had previously been in command of US troops in Berlin. After German reunification USAB was dissolved in 1994.

Units under USAB command were:
- Berlin-Brigade
- Medical and Dental Activities,
- Tempelhof Central Airport (USAF base),
- Armed Forces Network (radio/tv),
- Military Liaison Mission,
- US Army Field Station Berlin (see US Army Teufelsberg)

Berlin US Army units:
- 2d & 3d Battalion, 6th Infantry
- 4th Battalion, 18th Infantry
- C Btry, 94th Field Artillery
- F Company 40th Armor
- 42d Engineer Company
- 42d AG Unit (Postal)
- 42d Military Police Group (Customs)
- 287th Military Police Company (Separate)
- US Military Liaison Mission (USMLM) Potsdam
- 43d & 76th Chemical Detachments
- 279th Station Hospital (became US Army Hospital Berlin 1976)
- 168th Medical Detachment (Veterinary)
- 592d Signal Company
- 298th Army Band

Troops were housed at several barracks around the city,
- Clay Bcks, at grid 5227'5"N 1316'25"E Former HQ USAB
- Andrews Bcks, at grid 5225'50"N 1317'53"E
- McNair Bcks, at grid 5225'6"N 1317'12"E
- Turner Bcks, at grid 5227'10"N 1316'9"E Home of the US Army armored troops - 40th Armor 1951-1997. The installation was demolished late in the 1990s.
- Roosevelt Bcks, at grid 5226'41"N 1318'17"E From 1950-1991 home of 6941st Guard Battalion providing security to US installations and other miscellaneous units, including German police.

Former US objects in and around Berlin:
AAFES - Four Seasons Store was at 52 24' 34N 13 16' 5E
AFN TV studio was at 52 27' 0"N 13 16' 32"E
AFN-radio studio was at 52 27' 49N 13 17' 18E
Cole Sports Center was at 52 27' 15"N 13 16' 5"E
Commanders Guest Residence was at 52 25' 33"N 13 10' 51E

Family housing was in the housing areas near the Clay Compound and in the Dueppel and Dahlem neighborhoods of Berlin. Truman Plaza, located across Clayallee from the Clay Compound, held post exchange, commissary, army post office (APO), Amex bank, Stars & Stripes book store, barber, florist, Deutsche Post and the Major Arthur D. Nicholson Memorial Library. Schools for the children of service members were located close to Truman Plaza

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