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Hawk US Bad Kissingen

Last modified: 21 Mar 2017, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: Bav.

Locale: Bad Kissingen

Latitude: 50° 11' 30" N     Longitude: 10° 7' 24" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former tactical site D Btry 3rd Msl Battalion, 7th Air Def Arty. covering the area with all Bad Kissingen storage facilities.
D Btry consisted of:
- 2 self propelled platoons and 1 towed platoon
- 1 generator section (45kw generators)
- 1 motorpool section
- 1 radar section CW, pulse/ doppler
- 1 missile maintenance section commanded by WO's
- 1 hq, supply, barracks, mess...etc.

Each battery performed its mission in 3 alert status: 5 mins(hot), 3 and 12 hrs. able to fire at a hostile target within that time frame.
Each platoon had a 24hr duty on the tac site followed by the next day off duty to obtain a constant rotation of personnel.
Often the "hot" battery would go down due to equipment outages and then the 3 hr battery had to come up to hot status.
In hot status the battery ran on generator power and the other times it was on commercial power.
Once a year each battalion had to undergo a 1 week TACctical EVALuation in which it was evaluated in all ops phases to ensure capacity to meet its assigned mission. Wartime scenarios were transmitted from the hq through the battalions to the batteries where evaluators would gauge performance.
Mobility was very important, so the unit had to be deployed to mobile warsites and to be ops within 3 hours!

On site daily ops routines:
The battery had 2 firing sections: one being towed launchers and the other being on self propelled tracks.
A 3d crew was on standby lined up on an alternate area of the tac site ready for mobile deployment.
Each day new duty and standby crews arrived at 8:00 AM relieving the overnight crew; system checks were preformed until 11:00 AM and lunch was at noon folowed by training in the afternoon.
6 hour checks were performed at 2:00 PM, 8:00 PM..etc.
The standby crew left at 4:00 PM and the cycle would begin again.

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Tom Hughes, | 11. June 2015 00:53


I was stationed at A 1/1 from 1978 to 80, 24G20, worked with Dan Ostler, can't remember a lot of other names. Went back to the states and to flight school.

If anyone remembers me, write.

Rich lhotsky, rlhotsky@ | 17. March 2015 04:05

24D20 missile maint.....a&s

Loved bk and a 1 1... ...
There from 2/72-12/73
2 time Crete vet ....after we got job done ...well
Crete is Crete
Love to hear from other Hawkers...!!!

ron bloom, | 01. June 2014 01:27


I was stationed there from 69-71 Battery clerk

allen ingram, | 27. December 2012 05:50

tac site

I was stationed at The tac site in Bad Kissegen germany From 09/78 to 10/82 Dailey barracks (animal house) lol. I am interested.

William Brockman, | 28. September 2011 03:16

Looking for veterans

I am trying to located atn HAWK veterans from this HAWK site so we can invite them to our HAWK reunions.
Please contact me at

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