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USAr Ober Olmerwald

Last modified: 03 Jan 2017, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: RP

Locale: Mainz-Finthen

Latitude: 49° 57' 32" N     Longitude: 8° 9' 34" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former US Army 630 Ordnanc Comapny Redstone nuc warhead storage.
630th was subordinate to the 40th Field Artillery Group (Redstone) and deployed to McCully Barracks, Wackernheim am Rhein, W Germany in 1958 as a part of the 7th US Army nuclear triad (PGM-11 Redstone Guided Missile, 280mm “atomic” cannon, and the Honest John rocket).
630th's mission was to support 40th Group by maintaining readiness of the missile system. Operational unit was 217th Field Artillery Missile Battalion, Bad Kreuznach. 40th Missile Group was the first Redstone unit arriving in Europe, becoming fully ops in October 1958 until its deactivation in 1964 when it was replaced by the Perhing I system.

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