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AIR radar Poggio Renatico

Last modified: 09 Oct 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Italy    Region: Northwest

Latitude: 44° 47' 32" N     Longitude: 11° 29' 41" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Poggio Renatico.
Former Gruppo Riporto e Controllo Difesa Aerea (2006-2014).
A NADGE radar airdefense control & reporting center and later NATO Combined Air Ops.Center 5.This was one of 11 NATO multinational command centers responsible for planning, command and execution of all military air ops in its region both in peacetime and at war. NATO decided in 2011 to close all CAOCS exept for the locations Uedem (responsible for N-Europe) and Torrejón (for S-Europe) so CAOC Poggio Renatico closed 2012.

Current units:
- HQ Comando Operazioni Aeree (Air Operations Command) controlling all military radar installations in Italy and its Air Operations Center
- Airops Center Tacticall "Pioppo" operating a FADR RAT-31DL radar controlling the Italian radar coverage.
-- Operations Preparation Department
-- General Service Support Regiment
- Integrated Missile Air-defence Regiment
--11th Integrated Missile Air-defence Sq

- NATO Deployable Air Command Control Center

- Ops Suppt Regt
- Delegation (CDAOA) France
- Delegation (EATC) Netherlands
- Missile Air Def Regt
-- 11 Msl Air Def Sq
-- 22 Radar Sq (dislocated Licola)
-- Tech Service Sq
-- Log Service Sq
-- Force Protection Sq
- Coord & Contr Service(dislocated CIampino; Linate, Brindisi and Abano)
- Mob. C2 Regt (dislocated Bari)

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