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Country: Iceland    Region: .

Locale: Rockville Stn

Latitude: 64° 2' 4" N     Longitude: -23° 20' 51" E

Area use / Military Branches: NSA, NARS #41


Old USAF 932rd Air Control Warning Station "Rockville Air Station" was the Master Direction Center (MDC) at the Sandgerdi Station.
The site, designated "H-1" (short for Remote Radar Head 1), officially became operational in october 1953,
Height Range Indicator equipment added and operational in december 1953.
Sandgerdi Station was self-sufficient, boasting its own power plant, more than 12 barracks, dining facility, post office, gymnasium, all-ranks club, shoppette, movies theater and chapel.
Although the unit had lived and worked at the site since 1953, 932d ACWS was officially transferred there in august 1957.
This radarsite remained home of 932rd ACWS until its decactivation in 1997 when the NSA took the site over and a new AN/FPS-117 radar was intalled.
More information about this type of radar? See Stokksnes!

About 0.5 mi due north of this location (at 64° 2'28N, 22°38'56W) was the site of DYE5, part of North Atlantic Radio System (NARS) # 41. NARS was a US forces strategic comms link. NARS 41 was connecting to Greenland (DYE4) and to NARS 42 Höfn.
NARS usage: NARS (1960-1992) was a method of communication based on Tropospheric Scatter (Tropo.) It relied on high-powered transmitters and large high-gain "billboard" antennas to "bounce"* signals off of particles in the troposphere. Depending on the power used, and the antenna sizes, a single tropospheric "hop" could span several hundred miles, which would require several repeaters, if ordinary microwave systems were used. The demise of the NARS system was unevitable as satellite communications became prevalent, it was obvious that Tropospheric Scatter would be a thing of the past. After the cold war the decision was made to close all NARS sites by 1992, thus ending over 30 years of service to USAF.

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