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HDF Pápa garrison

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Country: Hungary    Region:

Locale: Pápa

Latitude: 47° 21' 43" N     Longitude: 17° 29' 22" E

Area use / Military Branches: Active


Pápa airbase. A former Warsaw Pact base operating Soviet aircraft such as MiG-15's, Lisunov Li-2 (DC-3's), Yak-12's and 18's (1950's). As of 1957 the MiG-15's were reinforced with allweather MiG-17's and later MiG-19's in 1960. As of 1963 MiG-21's, of which Pápa had appx 80 in open storage, started to arrive.
83 MiG-21F-13's were delivered from 1961-1962 and from 1964 another bulk of 24 MiG-21PF's followed. These MiG-21PF's were operational until 1989 when they were retired. MH 47 Regiment at Pápa received 12 MiG-23M Floggers and 3 two-seat UB's in 1979. Pápa's MiG-23 Floggers were decommissioned 1996.

Current status:
- Airbase and home of NATO Heavy Airlift Wing (C-17 Globemaster III). Activation of the wing started 2009 and supplies NATO so called Strategic Airlift Capability. Tasking: providing Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) service, receiving aircraft of the Hungarian Defence Forces, supporting the activities of the western region air search and rescue (SAR) service.
- Heavy Airlift WIng (C-17)
-- Ops Suppt Battalion
-- Log Battalion
-- Info Projection Grp

Website about arrival of the first C-17's
Hungarian Airforce

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