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Country: Hungary   

Locale: Kunmadaras

Latitude: 47° 24' 10" N     Longitude: 20° 45' 44" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Soviet Kunmadaras airbase was one of the largest bases outside the Soviet Union and home of 2 regiments (wings). A recon regiment with Su 17M-4, Su 17UM-3 and Su 24MR and a fighter-bomber regiment with MiG 27 and MiG 23.
Declassified docs revealed an average Soviet nuclear weapons stock between 100 and 180 in Hungary. Mostly freefall bombs.The main storages were at 2 locations: Kumadaras (appx 100 stored here) and Kiskunlacháza airbase (appx 80).
Some former Soviet airbases had small temporary nuc storages: Sármellék, Tököl and Debrecen airfield each 4 shelters.

Former units:
-1st Guards Fighter-Bomber Regiment (1. GvAPIB, official: 1st Red Guards - II Red Flag Guards Fighter-bomber Aviation Regiment)
-1st sqn: 9x MiG 27D/K, 3x MiG 23UB, 2nd sqn: 10x MiG 27D/K, 3x MiG 23UB, 3rd sqn: 13x MiG 27D/K, 3x MiG 23UB This regiment had appx 100 nuclear weapons at its disposal in this facility.
-328th Independent Guard Reconnaissance Regiment (official: 328. "Vislenski" Guards Independent Recconnaisance Aviation Regiment)
-1st sqn: 13x Su 24MR, 2nd sqn: 11x Su 17M-4 and Su 17M-3, 5x Su 17UM-3

Additionally some Mi 8's (SAR) and some Mi 6K's. These were detachments of 396th Helicopter Regiment from Kalocsa. An-22's and Il-76/78's visited to resupply and the Su 24MR's practised air refuelling with Il 78's.

Based were 69 shelters in 3 kind of types: 31 Type 1/10 (1st generation, 10 meters diameter), 24 Type 2A/13 (13 meters diameter) and 14 Type 3/16 (modern, 16 meters diameter). 3 shelters were only used for ECM duties combined to carry out the nuclear tasking.

328th Independent Guard Reconnaissance Regiment left Kunmadaras in April 1991 for Odessa; 1st Fighter-Bomber Regiment left on 17 and 18 april 1991 for Irkutsk.

Status: closed.

MiG-23 Flogger
MiG-27 Flogger J
SU-17 Fitter

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