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RM Taunton

Last modified: 18 Jun 2015, submitted by: Joker

Country: United Kingdom    Region: Somerset

Locale: Norton Manor Camp

Latitude: 51° 2' 20" N     Longitude: -4° 50' 45" E

Area use / Military Branches: 3rd Cdo Bde / 40 Commando,


- HQ 3rd Commando Brigade / 40 Commando The 40 Commando is a battallion sized Royal Marines unit part of 3rd British Commando Brigade. Its role is a Light Infantry Commando unit capable of a wide range of operational tasks.

Historical: 40 Commando was the first unit formed in 1942 with actions during the raid on Dieppe and from 1943-1945 deployments in Italy and Yugoslavia. After WW2 deployed in Palestine. Subsequent security duties in Cyprus, Hong Kong, Egypt and Singapore. Relocated to Seaton Barracks, Plymouth 1971 and deployed to N Ireland several times and an unexpected tour in Cyprus after invasion by the Turkish Army. In 1982, 40 Commando deployed at San Carlos (Falklands). After its return the unit spent the rest of the decade in N Ireland, a 6-month peace-keeping tour in Cyprus and a 6 month operational tour in Belize. In 1983 the unit relocated to Norton Manor Camp, Taunton. In 1991 the 1st Gulf War broke out and the unit redeployed within a week to N Iraq. Another N Ireland tour, Norway winter deployments and an Asia-Pacific exercises kept 40 Commando busy through the next years.In 1998 half the unit deployed to the Congo to ensure evacuation of UK nationals from Kinshasa city.

In 2000 the uint deployed to N Ireland again and on the return they were the first Commando to reorganise.The entire unit deployed 2003 as part of the coalition force under US command to invade Iraq. During Operation Telic (Iraq invasion). 2004 the unit redeployed to Iraq again as part of a multi-national division peace-support operation and returned in 2005.

Current 40 Commando has been deployed at the Helmand Province of Afghanistan.

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