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Last modified: 22 Aug 2010, submitted by: Joker

Country: Turkey   

Latitude: 38° 47' 30" N     Longitude: 27° 42' 27" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed


Former USAF Jupiter IRBM site 4
The Jupiter was a theater-based system which was planned for use against strategic targets. It was deployed with the Turkish and Italian air forces with the warheads under American control. This provided a direct nuclear threat against Soviet satellite states and armed forces, as well as providing reassurance to European allies. The powerful warhead was unable to destroy hardened targets, but was perfectly capable of destroying cities.
Missiles based in Turkey could strike major Russian population centers and the threat against the satellite states would result in pressure against a Soviet nuclear strike.
The SM-76 Jupiter entered development in 1954 as a mobile US Army missile. It was later transferred to the Air Force and made surface-based. The missile had its first flight test in 1957 and entered operational service in 1959. The missile remained in service until 1965. A total of 45 missiles were deployed in Europe, 30 in Italy and 15 in Turkey.

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