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Last modified: 26 Sep 2019, submitted by: Joker

Country: Turkey   

Latitude: 38° 42' 23" N     Longitude: 27° 53' 54" E

Area use / Military Branches: Closed. USAF Jupiter IRBM site 5


Former USAF Jupiter IRBM site 5
The Jupiter missile system was a theater-based system planned for use against strategic targets. It was deployed in the Turkish and Italian air forces with the warheads under American control. This provided a direct nuclear threat against Soviet satellite states and armed forces, as well as providing reassurance to European allies. The powerful (> 2 megaton) warhead was perfectly capable of destroying cities. Missiles based in Turkey could strike major Russian population centers and the threat against the satellite states would result in pressure against a Soviet nuclear strike.
The SM-76 Jupiter entered development in 1954 as a mobile US Army missile. It was later transferred to the Air Force and made fix-based. The missile had its first flight test in 1957 and entered operational service in 1959. The missile remained in service until 1965. A total of 45 have been deployed in Europe, 30 in Italy and 15 in Turkey.

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