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Last modified: 18 May 2018, submitted by: Joker

Country: Turkey    Region: Kepsut

Latitude: 39° 37' 17" N     Longitude: 27° 54' 55" E

Area use / Military Branches: 9th Airwing


Balikeshir airbase.
9nci AJÜ
- 191 and 192 Filo - both multirole (F-16C/D)

Former Special Ammo Storage at grid 39°37'16"N 27°54'59"E. Non-ops. It was home of 7391 MUNSS, custodial unit for the former B43 and B61 'specials' to be used by Turkish F-104 and F-16 aircraft operated by 191 Filo and 192 Filo (sqn). Former nuc QRA position on base is at grid 39°36'19N 27°55'51E

7391 MUNSS. at Balikesir 1966 as Det 4 of 301st Tactical Depot Sqn. In 1968 redesignated Det 1 of the 41st Tactical Group and renamed 7391 MUNSS 1972. It received log suppt from Izmir and was commanded by a LtCol. Deactivated 1993.

Rapier missile sites for aircoverage at grid:
39°35'56"N 27°55'46"E 39°35'55"N 27°55'9"E 39°37'25"N 27°54'36"E 39°37'25"N 27°56'13"E

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