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Last modified: 22 Mar 2022, submitted by: Joker

Country: Turkey    Region: Istanbul

Latitude: 41° 6' 11" N     Longitude: 28° 37' 54" E

Area use / Military Branches: Turkish Army, United States Arrmy


Cakmakli. Former NATO 528th US Army Field Artillery Grp, 70th Ordnance Det. A.k.a.TUSLOG det 67(Turkish United States LOGistics Det) under SASCOM (Special Ammunition Support Command) providing support to Turkish artillery units. This was the former special ammo storage (currently conventional strorage for Turkish army). TUSLOG 67 had to assist the Turkish Artillery in case of war and provide them with 57x 8" nuclear grenades and 132x Honest John warheads under US army control. In case of WW3 outbreak they would have been dispersed to HJ units at Corlu, Izmit, Ortakoy and Erzurum. TUSLOG deactivated 1986 and site turned over to Turkish army 1989 Nuclear battlefields, Global links in arms race Appendix A (Ballinger, Cambridge Mass. 1985)

Also detached to this unit was TUSLOG Det 121, a 9 personnel USAF det of Karamursel AB Commo Sqn providing communications support for the Army detachments in the "Cemetery" net. The commosite was at the former US barracks (currently a Turkish infantry barracks) at grid 41 05'50"N 2838'23"E.

Aircoverage of the area by a nearby Turkish Nike AD missile site.
Former LA at grid 4105'08"N 2839'15"E,
Former IFC at 4105'43"N 2838'55"E.

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LARRY ZIEMSKI, | 12. May 2022 21:47


Worked in the Classified Document Cage & ran the movie camera in the Evenings.

Rich Mueller, | 09. January 2021 02:59

E4 (retired)

1990-1991 55B / 55 bang bang / 55 BB stacker

Good times. Amazing to see what has grown up around the place over the years thanks to Google Earth.

Shout out to Byrum, Barrett, Young, Tracy (whose last time I forget), White and Versuski (misspelled), the MP who could drink beer through his nose for a party trick. Oh, and SSgt Oilcan.

Greetings to the two Chaplains who I was happy to worship with and assistant FISH (don't get locked in the bell tower-again)

Lawrence Svinarich, | 27. June 2020 01:53


I was stationed there 1980-1981 . I worked on the hill repairing comms.

John Smith | 26. April 2020 10:33

Former U S Army Ord soldier

What BS, nuclear hand granades ?? Nice name, joker for what he put on this site
I was assigned to U S Army at the Cak, and I know what was there as a former 55G. Someone needs to edit this information.

Mike Acord, | 27. October 2019 06:49

90 days TDY September 1967

As a SP5, 55G, four of us were sent there from Germany for 90 days to stand a technical proficiency inspection or TPI. Captain Grimm was the CO and 1stSgt Leon Foster was our first sergeant.
He was undoubtedly the best first sergeant ever produced by the United States Army. We were there for maybe a month then stood the technical proficiency inspection and passed with flying colors. The four of us thought we would be able to return to Germany after the TPI but they kept us around for a while longer. We all hated that place with a passion. I was stationed in northern Germany and our base was nothing to brag about but it was much better than Cakmakli. If not for the Quonset Hut or NCO Club serving beer I don't think I would have made it. That was normally a one-year tour of duty and I had eight months to go until my ETS. I had considered re-enlisting until they sent me to Turkey so changed my mind after that experience..


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