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Last modified: 25 Jul 2020, submitted by: Joker

Country: Turkey    Region: Erzurum

Latitude: 39° 53' 32" N     Longitude: 41° 18' 24" E

Area use / Military Branches: 9th Army Corps'1st Mechanized Bde


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Howard Brown, | 10. October 2019 01:56

US Army Retired

I was stationed on the rock also when the c130 crashed as well have the stars and stipes write up on it I Was suppose to be on that plane going to incerlick for R&R Glad I was not on it.

Danny Suggs, | 30. November 2018 01:05

Coldest place ever.

I was there April 1975 June 1976. Coldest place ever But had a lot of friends Truskish Drivers KP's were great.

Rodney freeman, | 21. May 2018 21:26


I was there in 1980 when the C-130 crashed

Bill Schulze | 09. April 2018 19:55


12-72/73 I remember burns & Sears.

Mike Coalwell, | 03. June 2017 06:17


Would love to have left a message, but it thinks I am SPAM

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