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Country: Italy    Region: Northwest

Locale: Grazzanise

Latitude: 41° 2' 30" N     Longitude: 14° 4' 35" E

Area use / Military Branches: 9th wing


Aeronautica Militare Italiana Grazzanise. Current status
- 1st Air Brigade Combat SAR, 9 Stormo (wing)
- 21 CSAR sqn.
- 409 techsupt sqn
- 509 logsupt sqn
- airdefence (Aspide) & security sqn
- 609 SAR & comms flight

SAS was never used but built in case USAFE would be stationed on the base

Future status: The most ambitious airport project is conversion of Grazzanise into a category 4E/F airport able to accommodate large aircraft such as B.777s and A380s. The future airport will primarily cater to international/intercontinental scheduled traffic and domestic/ European leisure traffic and will be able to provide an ideal base for low-cost airlines. Additionally, Grazzanise will be able to develop long-range scheduled or charter flights.
The new airport is expected to accommodate 5 million passengers by 2012, increasing during the subsequent phases until reaching a capacity of 24 million. This airport will provide a great deal of mid- to long-term traffic development in Campania, especially for leisure travel and intercontinental flights. The planned structures include 18 aircraft apron stands, 28 check-in counters, and 5 conveyor belts.

Nice website from sombody working there with lots of pics

Off 9 Stormo website:

Search for A.M.I.Grazzanise

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