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AIR Portogruaro

Last modified: 03 Sep 2018, submitted by: Joker

Country: Italy   

Locale: Portogruaro

Latitude: 45° 44' 42" N     Longitude: 12° 52' 36" E

Area use / Military Branches: 113 SRR EW radar


113 Squadriglia Radar Remota (Remote Radar Head) with callsign Pedro is the legacy of 13 and 17 GRAM which disbanded 2001.
The radarsite originates from NATO's decision in 1956 to set up an integrated air defense among the various member countries. In 1961 it was decided to install the radar base on 2 locations, a log area at Concordia Sagittaria and an ops area at Portogruaro, a few kilometers away from each other. Originally equipped with an RV-377 search radar and radar altitude S-244N; replaced 1968 by an AN/MPS-11 and an AN/MPS-14. In the late 1960s, AMI decided to install an AN/FPS-8 radar on Monte Scinauz. In 1977 the Selenia Argos-10 radar was installed and became ops in 1979. In 1999 the current Alenia RAT-31 SL was installed.becoming ops 2001. After dissolvement of 13th and 17th GrRAM 113 SRR became operational. The current 2012 development is the installation of a modern and efficient radar for the Italian Air Defense RAT-31/DL built by SELEX Integrated Systems.

Nearby to the NW at 4544'56"N 1252'7"E a USAF troposcatter comms link Lame di Concoirdia (callsign ICEZ) connected to Cavriana (IBMZ)

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