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USAr Büren

Last modified: 16 Feb 2020, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: NRW

Locale: 5kms East of Buren

Latitude: 51° 32' 59" N     Longitude: 8° 38' 17" E

Area use / Military Branches: Demolished


Former Büren site was a NATO Corps Level C-type nuc storage for 50x W31 Honest John warheads (1960-1975); 50x W31 Nike Hercules warheads (1961-1988) and 50x W70 Lance warheads (1976-1988) to be used by NATO forces in North and Central Germany. The site was under Central Army Group (CENTAG) command. Site supervision: 5th US Army Arty Grp; 27th Ordnance Company Site security: 275th MP Co. After deactivation the site was demolished and the nearby Stockerbush camp was rebuilt as a hi-sec prison.

The camp was also homebase to BE garrison Büren (Cortemark Bcks) with these units:
13 Artillerie, 1 Grenadiers, 31 Artillerie and 30 TPT

5th USAAG was also responsible for these other sites:
- 27th Ord Co (Sp Ammo)(GS) Stöckerbusch Ksn, Büren
- 4th FA Det (Msl Wh Spt)(HJ) Werl
- 33rd FA Det (Msl Wh Spt)(HJ) Dellbrück
- 43rd AD Det (Msl Wh Spt) Düren-Drove
- 66th AD Det (Msl Wh Spt) Soest-Büecke
- 85th FA Det (Msl Wh Spt)(HJ) Geilenkirchen
- 507th AD Det (Msl Wh Spt) Hinsbeck

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Michelle Lafayette, | 29. April 2019 02:37

Contact me

My Child as well. so good to see we are not alone. Our army forgot us

Jack Burr, jackburr76@gmailcom | 22. September 2017 04:07

Retired US Army, LTC

I was a SP5 Finance Clerk in the Advance Party for for an Artillery Battery from Ft Sill OK. I never knew the mission of the Units stationed at Stuckerbusch. I computed pay the old fashion way.

Dates in country Augut,1962- Janurary 1964.

michelle LaFayette, | 19. July 2017 15:46


Hey there sorry but I got there in 1979, 5th USAAG. We were in Buren with the 27th Ord. I to am trying to find folks. My kid was born over there in the Buren Hosp. I'm trying to get vital records or, really anything.Man this is a MESS. I can't find anything on this duty station seems almost as if it never was there.

Ruben Scholfield | 11. March 2016 15:41


Hello is Someone there? I need help

Robert Moretin, | 05. March 2015 20:27

SP4 Documents clerk.

Back in Jan 1961 we came to Buren with the 27th Ord. Co. We were the first ones there.It was a year later when we start receiving our missiles. I was there untill Sept. 1964. Is there anyone out there from that era.

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