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USAr Büren

Last modified: 02 Jan 2017, submitted by: Joker

Country: Germany    Region: NRW

Locale: 5kms East of Buren

Latitude: 51° 32' 59" N     Longitude: 8° 38' 17" E

Area use / Military Branches: Demolished


Former Büren site was a NATO Corps Level C-type nuc storage for Nike Herc missile warheads to be used by all NATO forces in North and Central Germany. The site was under Central Army Group (CENTAG) command. Site supervision: 5th US Army Arty Grp; 27th Ordnance Co. Site security: 275th MP Co.
After deactivation the site was demolished and the nearby Stockerbush camp was rebuilt as a maximum security prison!
5th USAAG was also responsible for these other sites:
- 27th Ord Co (Sp Ammo)(GS) Stöckerbusch Ksn, Büren
- 4th FA Det (Msl Wh Spt)(HJ) Werl
- 33rd FA Det (Msl Wh Spt)(HJ) Dellbrück
- 43rd AD Det (Msl Wh Spt) Düren-Drove
- 66th AD Det (Msl Wh Spt) Soest-Büecke
- 85th FA Det (Msl Wh Spt)(HJ) Geilenkirchen
- 507th AD Det (Msl Wh Spt) Hinsbeck

27th Ornance Company web
The camp was also homebase to BE garrison Büren (Cortemark Bcks) with these units:
13 Artillerie, 1 Grenadiers, 31 Artillerie and 30 TPT

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Ruben Scholfield | 11. March 2016 15:41


Hello is Someone there? I need help

Robert Moretin, | 05. March 2015 20:27

SP4 Documents clerk.

Back in Jan 1961 we came to Buren with the 27th Ord. Co. We were the first ones there.It was a year later when we start receiving our missiles. I was there untill Sept. 1964. Is there anyone out there from that era.

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